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Call Now! We answer the phone 24/7!

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5 Perks to Updating Your Thermostat


A big defining factor in your home comfort is the condition and capabilities of your thermostat. This system does more than just tell you what the temperature is in your home. It is really the brains of your home cooling operation. Knowing that, it makes sense that an updated thermostat is going to help upgrade your home comfort.

That is why we offer services to help update your thermostat. We can provide installation and upkeep for smart thermostats in Des Moines, IA. If you are interested in ditching your old digital or slider thermostat for a smarter system, we are here to help.

5 Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

Let’s say that you have an updated and extremely efficient air conditioner but your thermostat is still in the early digital age. Or maybe, even worse, you are still using a slider thermostat. While these types of thermostats may accomplish the base goal of changing the temperature in your home, there is a lot more that an upgraded smart thermostat has to offer.

Check out these great ways that that choosing to install a smart thermostat will help you:

  1. More accurate temperature adjustment: A smart thermostat is able to more accurately detect the temperature within your home. This, in turn, means that this updated system will more accurately adjust the temperature in your home, optimizing your comfort.
  2. Energy-saving capabilities: One of the best things about smart thermostats is that they help to increase your air conditioner’s energy efficiency. Because it more accurately detects and adjusts the temperature, this actually will help reduce to demand on your AC unit.
  3. Programmable options: Did you know that a smart thermostat offers you the ability to set a comfort program. For example, you can set a program that instructs your air conditioner to keep the home’s temperature higher when no one is home but to cool it off before everyone gets back from work.
  4. Remotely controllable: Many smart thermostats are able to be accessed and controlled remotely via your phone or tablet. This means you can access and adjust the comfort in your home while you are away, even if you’re on vacation!
  5. Tracks energy use: Last but not least on this list, there is the fact that your smart thermostat can track your energy usage. This allows it to adapt to your comfort patterns on the one hand and, on the other, it can allow you to see how you can optimize your energy use too.

Professional Installation and More

If you are interested in a thermostat upgrade, you want to schedule this service with a trained professional technician. The trained and licensed technicians at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning can provide expert installation for whatever Daikin smart thermostat matches your needs best.

Modern Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving homeowners in central Iowa since 2010. We want to make sure that we are able to offer the best in home comfort services possible, from help with your thermostat to help with your AC unit itself.

Contact Modern Heating And Air Conditioning to schedule the service you need.

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