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Haunted House or Faulty Heater?


Chilly, overcast days like the ones we’re getting can make things a little spookier than they used to be if only because Halloween is right around the corner. Do you know what is scarier than a house that is emitting strange noises? Poor home comfort is a spookier situation, at least to us.

What’s more, those strange noises are likely to be caused by a heater that isn’t working quite right. Don’t be like a horror movie victim who ignores the warning signs of trouble–instead, reach out for heating services to address those odd noises and save your home comfort.

5 Spooky Noises That Your Heater Might Make

What was that noise? Chances are it isn’t a ghost, it is probably just your heater. Don’t write it off just because the source isn’t supernatural! Strange noises coming from your heater are a sign of trouble for your home comfort. Here are some of the sounds that should prompt you to contact a professional technician to address the issue.

  1. Banging: When you run your heater and it finishes a heating cycle, do you notice that a pronounced banging noise pops up shortly after? If so, you should reach out to a professional to check on your heater and your ductwork since this sound may indicate that your ductwork is expanding and contracting due to an improperly sized furnace.
  2. Rattling: Does is sound like there is something in your walls or elsewhere in the home that is shaking around? If so, it is probably a noise caused by loose parts in your furnace system. Whether it is a loose blower door or loose bolts, you want to get this sound addressed fast.
  3. Screeching: Maybe it sounds like your heater is screaming at you when you run this system. Don’t worry, your furnace isn’t possessed. The reality is that it likely has a blower motor belt that needs to be replaced or lubricated. Likewise, screeching may indicate you have fan blades that are loosening and are scraping around the inside of your system.
  4. Hissing: Do you notice when your heater is running that you can hear a distinct hissing noise? If so, shut down your system and contact us immediately. If you have a furnace heater that is hissing it is likely caused by a heat exchanger that is leaking gas. This is dangerous if not addressed quickly enough.
  5. Knocking: You hear knocking but there is no one at your door. The source may be your heater! Knocking may be another sign that you have a bad blower motor belt, or you may also have bad ball bearings.

Whether you are dealing with these noises now, or you’d prefer to avoid hearing them, heater maintenance in Des Moines, IA can help. Our maintenance services can keep your heater in optimal condition and reduce your repair needs, meaning it prevents a lot of these noises. If you are already hearing problematic sounds like what we’ve listed above though, we can provide you with heating repairs as well.

Contact Modern Heating And Air Conditioning to schedule your heating system services. We have an impeccable reputation based on our professional services and top-tier customer case.

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