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Have You Heard of Heat Pumps?


When it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer, it is important to have the use of an effective and efficient air conditioning system. One option for this system is the heat pump. If you haven’t heard of heat pumps before, we’ve love to tell you more about them.

Heat pumps are great systems to use to ensure your home stays comfortable during the summer. Just make sure that your heat pump is installed by a professional HVAC contractor in Waukee, IA and you will be set for many summers to come. But we are getting ahead of ourselves–let’s start with the basic details.

What Is a Heat Pump Mini Split System?

First things first, let’s explain what a heat pump mini split system is.

The full name is a long one but it tells us a lot! These systems are refered to as mini splits because they use a similar set-up as the central AC system. Split systems have an indoor and outdoor unit. In the case of a heat pump, there is the usual evaporator coil while the indoor unit is now replaced by air handlers that are placed throughout your home. The heat pump part of the name indicates that this systems moves or transfers heat.

The Perks of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are unique systems that you can use to keep your home cool. They offer several perks that central air conditioners can’t provide. These are the benefits that heat pumps can provide:

  • Heat pumps are highly energy efficient. Yes, central AC systems are energy efficient too but heat pumps can take that claim a bit further. The set-up of this system allows it to be extremely energy efficient, shortening the time needed before your savings equal your investment in the system.
  • A heat pump can offer both heating and cooling. Heat pumps offer the unique ability to reverse their flow of refrigerant. This means that they can cool your home in summertime and provide heating in the wintertime too. That’s the convenience of two systems in one!
  • Heat pumps provide custom comfort options. Last but not least, heat pumps are going to provide the ability to customize the comfort that you get in your home. For example, if only one person is home and in the living room, you can run just one air handler to keep that room cool, saving your energy without sacrificing your comfort.

Is a Heat Pump System Right For You?

Heat pumps sound like amazing pieces of technology and that is because they are. But that doesn’t always mean that they are the best for every home. If you are considering installing a heat pump or switching over to one from a central air conditioner, talk to one of the technicians at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning. We can discuss your comfort needs to ensure this system is the best match for your and then provide professional installation that will start it out on the right foot.

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