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Call Now! We answer the phone 24/7!

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Is It Time To Add a New Furnace To Your Wishlist?


It can feel like we are on a roller coaster lately with how things are changing in regards to stay-at-home orders and other restrictions. Truthfully, it is easier to stay home a majority of the time and call it a day. This when you need your home comfort to be at its best.

If your heating system isn’t in good condition, you are likely going to find that staying warm is tougher than you thought. If you’ve been up-to-date on your maintenance and repairs, you might be confused too–why is your furnace acting up? It may be because you need a furnace replacement in Des Moines, IA.

How To Tell You Need a New Furnace

Replacing your trusty furnace heater isn’t a small decision. It is a big job with a pretty hefty price tag to match. There is a reason why we want to make sure that you really do need a replacement before moving forward. Be on the lookout for warning signs like these to see if a furnace system replacement may be what you need:

  • Your furnace is a decade old or more: Age matters a lot when it is in regards to your furnace heater. Furnaces can last between 10 and 15 years. Pushing them beyond this point can be expensive and, in the case of a natural gas furnace, it can even be dangerous. Any furnace that has hit or passed over the 10-year mark should be assessed so you can plan for a replacement in the near future at the least.
  • The system needs repairs far too frequently: Repairs shouldn’t be annual occurrences. That is what maintenance is for. If you have a furnace that has been needing to be repaired as often as you’ve scheduled maintenance, it is likely that the system is on its last leg.
  • The repairs you get are far too expensive: Price should be an issue sometimes, especially if you have overly expensive repairs to take care of. A furnace that is generating too high of a repair bill is likely one that would be better off being replaced. A good rule of thumb is that if the repair costs the same as half or more of the price of a new system, it is better to just get a new system.
  • Your furnace just isn’t working right. Noticing strange noises that never go away with repairs? Maybe you can’t get any heat from your system. Or maybe you smell gas. At the end of the day, persistent issues that can’t be resolved for more than a short while indicate a system that needs to be replaced.

When you need to replace your aging furnace, the team at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning is the one you can trust to get the job done. Know someone else who needs a new heating system? When you refer a friend to us, you get rewarded too! It is a gift that keeps on giving.

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