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Is Your Home Humid?


Tell us if this sounds familiar: your air conditioner is working at full blast and you have the setting on the thermostat as low as it can go but you still can’t quite seem to get comfortable. Even the air being blown around your home feels more like a blanket than a cool breeze.

If you recognize this experience it is likely because you are struggling with too much humidity in your home. Iowa sees a good amount of humidity in the summertime and that can mess with your comfort. Thankfully there is a way to combat the humidity, improve your indoor air quality, and boost your cooling comfort.

How Humidity Hinders Your Comfort

Let’s start here, with the question of why humidity is even a problem. Moisture in the air may not seem like it can have too much of an effect but the reality is that humidity plays a big role in your comfort.

See, water is a really great transfer medium for heat because it holds heat more effectively. This is why boilers are a thing and why you can get a steam burn. Knowing this, it isn’t a far stretch to understand that high humidity will make it harder to cool things off because all that airborne moisture is just going to cling to the heat it has collected.

The Solution: A Dehumidifier

So what is the solution to high humidity in your home? The answer is likely a dehumidifier. This system, known as a whole-home dehumidifier, is going to help remove the excess humidity and moisture from the air in your home. This will help your comfort by getting the level of moisture in the air to a comfortable state (too dry of air is just as uncomfortable) and help your AC get its job done more easily.

How to Tell You Should Get a Dehumidifier

Not every home in Iowa will struggle with humidity problems. But if you are having trouble with the humidity, you may be wondering how you are supposed to tell when you need to add a dehumidifier in Des Moines, IA to you home. Be on the alert this summer for these signs:

  • Moisture. You notice condensation on your doors or windows.
  • Smells. You are picking up on a musty scent inside the house.
  • Mold. There are signs of the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Discomfort. Your AC is having serious trouble keeping things cool.
  • Allergies. Your allergies have been bugging you more than usual.

We Can Help

The team at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning is happy to let you know that we provide all the services necessary to keep you comfortable. If you are struggling against high humidity, we can install and maintain a whole-home dehumidifier to help you get the home cool again. Similarly, we are your resource for air conditioner services, too!

All of our technicians are trained and certified to get the job done right. That is why when you need reliable and effective HVAC services, you should reach out to us.

Contact Modern Heating And Air Conditioning today to learn more.

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