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The Importance of Your Ducts to Your Home Comfort


It doesn’t matter where you live–you should be able to rely on your home’s ability to keep you comfortable throughout the year. And whether you are trying to hide from the summer heat or you need to keep warm during a chilly winter, you are going to need one key thing to help you stay comfortable: your ductwork.

While your HVAC systems are obviously vital to controlling the temperature in the house, they really wouldn’t be able to offer you much help without your ductwork. The ducts in your house play a huge role in keeping things comfortable so, when something goes wrong with them, it will mess with this comfort just as much as a heater or AC malfunction might.

We know how important your ductwork is. That’s why we provide reliable duct services in Des Moines, IA to keep them in prime condition. Learn more about your ducts and what can go wrong with them here.

What Your Ductwork Is For

We want to start here because all too often we run into people who don’t quite know why their ductwork is important. And that is information you need to know in order to make the best decisions about your comfort needs!

Your ductwork serves as a delivery system for the temperature-controlled air that you get from your heater during winter (and the same applies to your AC in summer too). Without your ducts, your heater could do everything possible to make heat but it wouldn’t go anywhere!

What Can Go Wrong With Your Ductwork?

Your ductwork is usually placed within your walls, attic, or crawlspaces of your home. That doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong with it though. It is great to know what might go wrong with your ducts so you know when to reach out for duct services. This can include:

  • Dirty ductwork: The dirt and debris that can fly around your home may end up in your ductwork. If it allowed to build up too much that debris can, and will, hinder airflow and will impact your indoor air quality (IAQ). Duct cleaning provided by professionals will remove this build-up and help to restore strong, clean airflow from your ducts again.
  • Your ducts have leaks: Do you notice weaker airflow from your ductwork lately? Maybe it is paired with energy bills that are getting a little higher than you’d like. If this sounds familiar it may mean that you need duct sealing. No this can’t be done using duct tape. Rely on a trained pro to seal up any leaks or small holes in your ductwork.
  • You need to fix your ductwork: Maybe you’ve noticed bigger issues with your ducts–like no airflow at all. If this is the case, it may mean that you need repairs, or even a replacement for your ductwork. This is something only a professional can do, especially if it repaired issues caused by improper installation by an amateur.

Your ducts are important to your home comfort. Don’t leave them in the hands of anyone less than an expert.

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