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These Systems Can Boost Your Home IAQ This Season


You wouldn’t exactly want to spend extra time in a home that is too cold. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to hang out in a house that is overly dusty or that sent your respiratory issues into overdrive. This is just one way to say that your indoor air quality is just as important to your comfort as the temperature of the air.

If you’ve noticed that the air in your home is a little dirtier than it was before, you may need help handling your indoor air quality. We want to do everything possible to ensure your comfort; that’s why you can come to us for help with your indoor air quality systems in Des Moines.

The Indoor Air Quality Systems We Provide

We want to help you achieve the ultimate balance for your home comfort. A big part of that is going to be making sure that your home’s air is as clean and clear as possible. This can and will have a big impact on your overall comfort!

Modern Heating And Air Conditioning provides some great IAQ systems that will address some of the most common airborne contaminants, such as dust and dirt. These systems include:

  • Air Filtration Systems: Air filtration systems are some of the most common options to add to your home. Using a permeable membrane, filters can capture dust particles, pollen, fur, and a variety of other contaminants that would mess with your IAQ otherwise.
  • Air Purification Systems: Air purification systems can be used in addition to a filter or on their own. Purifiers can use electricity or UV light to tackle everything from dust and dirt to viruses and bacteria.

The Benefits of an IAQ System

Air filtration and purification systems are great additions to any home that needs a little extra help with its IAQ. Installed in your ductwork, these systems can provide you a few different benefits. They can include:

  • Better HVAC operation. Fewer contaminants in the air in your home will help your heating and cooling units do their job. This is because it will reduce the amount of debris that can clog up your system’s filter or dirty the interior of your systems.
  • Better home comfort. Air that is cleaner will be easier to adjust in temperature. Additionally, when air is going to be cleaner it will allow you to feel more comfortable.
  • Fewer respiratory issues. With fewer contaminants in the air in your home, there will be a reduced impact on your respiratory system. This means that you won’t have to worry about having your allergies or asthma set off nearly as often.

The quality of the air in your home is going to play a large role in keeping you comfortable. It can even make a difference in your health. As long as you have a professional provide the installation and other IAQ services, you can rest assured that the quality of your home’s air will be in good hands.

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