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Call Now! We answer the phone 24/7!

Serving Des Moines, IA


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Tips to Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air inside your home is going to play a huge role in how comfortable you are throughout the year. You likely already know that dusty air isn’t the best thing to breathe in and being hesitant to take a deep breathe is going to be annoying to say the least.

But what about humidity levels? Or slow airflow? Or even how much fresh air is in your house? These are all factors that affect how comfortable your home is as they have an impact on your indoor air quality. The question is, how to do you improve them or adjust them to where they need to be?

The team at Modern Heating and Air Conditioning can help with getting your IAQ exactly where it needs to be this summer and beyond.

What Harms Your IAQ?

Modern homes are built to be airtight which is great for your energy efficiency but harmful to your indoor air quality. That is why we offer indoor air quality services in Des Moines, to help combat some of these factors which can make your home uncomfortable:

  • Dust, dirt, and debris: Airborne dust and dirt are going to play a huge role in your IAQ. Too much and it is going to turn your home into a dust allergy-irritating place, even if the AC has the temperature right.
  • Humidity: If your home is overly humid, it will impede on your AC system’s ability to cool things off because airborne moisture is going to hold onto heat.
  • Stale air: Air that has been overly filtered can start to feel pretty stale which is going to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Poor airflow: If there is a problem with your ductwork, it will affect the airflow going through your house. This will make it hard to cool your home.

The Systems That Help

We can help you boost your IAQ when you schedule services with our professional technicians to assess your home’s air and choose the best solution for you:

  • Air filtration: Installing an air filter in your home will combat any excess of dust, dirt, debris, fur, or other airborne particles you don’t want in your home.
  • Dehumidifiers: A dehumidifier is going to help regulate the humidity levels in your home, making it easier to cool your home.
  • Energy Recovery Management: An energy recovery management system will help to solve the question of introducing fresh air to your home. By using the energy already in the cool air in your home, this system can pre-cool the fresh air it pulls into it.
  • Duct services: Duct leaks are going to hinder your airflow so make sure you contact us to get them fixed and restore powerful airflow in your home.

Put Your IAQ in the Hands of the Pros

If you need indoor air quality help, we can assist in getting things back to normal. The technicians on our team will assess the air in your home and can install the systems that will help you the most.

Contact the team at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning to get started.

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