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Serving Des Moines, IA


Call Now! We answer the phone 24/7!

Serving Des Moines, IA


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We Can Help Keep Your Commercial Space Warm


Living in Des Moines means that there are times of year when you have some pretty high comfort demands. Your heater is running well at home but this isn’t the only place you spend your time. If you run a commercial business anywhere in the area it is important to make sure that this space is just as comfortable as your home is.

Commercial businesses such as a retail space or even an office need reliable heating systems. A part of that is going to be having a team to turn to for your commercial heating services in Des Moines. Modern Heating And Air Conditioning can be that team. Here’s why.

Why Come to Us for Your Commercial Heating Needs

So why should you come to our team for your commercial heating needs? There is more than one reason!

  1. We cover it all: You can come to our team for any of your light commercial heating needs. This includes everything from installing a new heater to maintaining it, so it lasts the longest amount of time possible to repairing it when it breaks down and even replacing it when its time is up.
  2. Our technicians know what they are doing: Our team is staffed by professional technicians who know exactly what they’re doing. Every member of our team is EPA certified and licensed. This means they know how to get the job done right the first time around. It also means they are keeping you safe while they do it.
  3. We come highly-referred: We aren’t just tooting our own horn about our commercial services. Our clients speak on our behalf as well. We come highly referred by people throughout Des Moines. You can check our reviews page to see what people say about the work we do.
  4. We offer virtual diagnostics: Modern times call for modern solutions. We know that is why it’s part of our name. With that in mind, we now offer virtual diagnostics for a small fee. If there is anything we can’t diagnose or solve over the phone that fee will be credited towards the price of an in-person visit.
  5. Our services are guaranteed: When you come to us you will get services that are backed by guarantees. This includes our “No Surprises Guarantee” so you never have to worry about hidden fees. These and our other guarantees inform the quality of the work we do–our technicians will always do everything possible to get the job done right.

You never want to leave your commercial system services in the hands of an amateur. You are always going to be better off working with a trained professional to keep your commercial system working properly. Our team is the one you can trust with your commercial and your residential comfort needs. We will find solutions to your comfort issues every time.

Schedule your commercial services with the team at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning. We’re the best team in Des Moines. Our team is here for you 24/7.

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