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What AC System Suits You Best?

Don’t worry we aren’t about to give you a personality-style quiz but we do want to take a few minutes to make sure you know what kind of air conditioner meets your needs most effectively. You may not realize it but not all AC systems are made equal.

There are different systems that are able to cool homes in slightly different ways and, as you may have guessed, this allows them to suit different needs. Our goal is to make sure that you know exactly what those differences are so, the next time you need a replacement, or when you are ready to ditch the window units, you know what type of AC unit best fits your requirements.

What Are Your AC Options

When it comes to choosing an effective air conditioning system in Des Moines for your entire home, the first thing you want to do is make sure you know what your options are. Here are the two best types of air conditioners out there that you should know about.

  • Central Air Conditioners: Central AC systems are what most people picture when they think about a cooling system. These systems cycle refrigerant between an indoor evaporating unit and an outdoor condensing unit to transfer heat out of the house and blow the cooled air through ductwork to lower the indoor temperature. These are great systems for homes that want a nice even temperature in every room.
  • Heat Pump Mini Splits: Heat pumps or ductless heat pumps still have an outdoor unit but they differ inside the home because they utilize air handlers to deliver cooled air. This allows them to operate with or without ductwork and provide the option to evenly cool the home or simply to cool one room at a time. What’s more, their ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant allows them to provide heat to your home too.

How to Choose Your System

Both types of air conditioning system are great options but the decision on which is best depends entirely on you and your cooling needs. When you are trying to choose between a central AC or a heat pump, consider these questions:

  • Do you have ductwork? If you already have ductwork, you can opt for either system. If you don’t have ducts in your home already, or you don’t want them, your best option is to go for a heat pump.
  • Do you want custom comfort options? If your home has varying comfort needs them you may do well with a heat pump that can cool the rooms that need it most when necessary. If you need regularized, even cooling throughout the home, you might consider a central AC unit.
  • Do you need a heater? It might seem like a strange question when you are choosing your AC, but if you do need a heater, it may mean the heat pump is your best option.

Still not sure which option suits you best? That’s okay! You can always discuss your cooling needs with one of our team members and we will work with you to choose and install the AC unit that will keep you optimally comfortable.

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