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What You Should Know About Boiler Heaters


That’s it! You are done doing battle with the cold weather using only layers and some space heaters. It is time to make that final jump to install a heating system that will keep your home warm. You’ve heard of boilers and you think that this system may be a good option for you. Before you jump in though, make sure to consider everything you need to know about these systems.

Boiler heater installation in Des Moines is no small task so if you want to choose this system you should be going into the situation fully informed. We’ve provided several key points you should know about boilers here so you can know with confidence if this is the right heater for you.

5 Facts About Boiler Heaters You Should Know

Here are some of the things that you may want to know about boiler heating systems.

  1. They use radiant instead of forced air heat. Heat pumps and furnaces push heated air into your home to warm things up. In contrast, boilers use radiant heat to provide the home comfort you want. The warmth created by boilers can feel akin to the warmth of the sun rather than something like a warm breeze.
  2. They heat water to cycle. Boilers utilize water to heat up your home. The boiler will warm up water and then cycle it to radiators or baseboards in your home where the heat will then radiate into your home.
  3. No ductwork needed for warmth. Because your boiler uses a closed system to cycle heated water throughout the home, this means no ductwork is needed. You will still need a professional to keep your boiler in good condition but you won’t need to worry about installing or keeping up ductwork for your home’s heating needs.
  4. They can be all-electric or use natural gas. Boilers are able to use electrical resistance or natural gas and electricity to heat the water that they cycle through your home. This makes them both eco-friendly and energy efficient, no matter which type of system you choose. It is good to know your options if you don’t already have a natural-gas connection.
  5. They still need regular maintenance. Yes your boiler doesn’t need ductwork and won’t get the same wear and tear that a furnace or heat pump might. However, boilers still need regular maintenance in order to keep them running optimally and safely. Just like their forced-air counterparts, boilers can become expensive and break down early without annual tune-ups.

You Can Come to Us For Boiler Services

Think a boiler heater system is the right choice for your system? If so, you will need a professional technician to perform the installation of this heating unit. A trained professional is going to be able to perform the best possible installation that ensures this system works right and heats your home efficiently. We can work with you to perform the installation of your piping and radiators to work with your boiler as well.

Contact the team at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning to learn more about your options for heater installations.

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