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Call Now! We answer the phone 24/7!

Serving Des Moines, IA


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Why You Should Consider an Air Filter


The indoor air quality in your home is going to be impacted by things like dust and debris levels. Microfiber dusting cloths can only do so much to help keep things dust-free. What’s more, the filter that is in your AC is only going to be so helpful in the dusting battle as well. When it comes to really helping your indoor air quality, you really want to consider adding a system that is going to make a difference like an air filtration system.

Installing air filtration systems in Des Moines, IA is something that our technicians can do perfectly. That because we are staffed by trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing. All you have to do is decide that you want to add a filter to your home system and reach out to us.

The Benefits of an Air Filtration System

When we are talking about air filters, we aren’t talking about the filter that is built into your air conditioner. That filter is meant to keep debris out of the system itself and, while it provides a little aid in removing dust from your home, it isn’t enough to improve your indoor air quality.

This is what an air filtration system is for. These are built to be added into your HVAC system where they can clean the air that is being blown through yours ducts. This means this filter is going to remove airborne particles from all the air that is entering your home. Whole-house air filters will offer benefits like:

  • Reducing dust and debris: A filter that is added to your ductwork is going to filter out the airborne debris that might otherwise enter your home. This includes capturing particles that range from dust and dirt to pollen and fur. The tighter and stronger the filter, the smaller the particles it can trap.
  • Improving allergies: When there is less dust and other debris in your home, there will be fewer chances for these particles to irritate your allergies or other respiratory problems you may struggle with.
  • Boosting your home IAQ: Dust levels can seriously deteriorate the condition of your indoor air. With an air filter though, you can boost your indoor air quality by reducing the amount of airborne dust that gets into the house.
  • Helping your air conditioner: Dirt and debris can cause major issues for your air conditioning system by reducing airflow and even causing your evaporator coil to ice over. Improving your IAQ helps your comfort too.

If you are interested in adding an air filtration system to your home, we can help. We can assess your indoor air quality and pair you with the air filter that matches your needs best.

Turn to Modern Heating and Air Conditioning for your home services. We’ve been helping homeowners in Iowa with their home comfort needs since 2010 and look forward to doing this for years to come. We are blessed with a team of professionals who care about our customers and work hard at what they do.

Contact Modern Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more about how we can help you.

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