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Heating and Air Conditioning in Des Moines, IA

Your heating and air conditioning services are everything when you live in a place like Des Moines, IA, because we experience real weather around this area. We have frigid, snowy winters and hot, humid summers in our area. You’re going to need a reliable heater and an air conditioner that you can trust when you live in an area like this and we’re the team of technicians that’s going to help you find them.

We won’t stop there either. Once we help you find the heater or air conditioner that you need, we’ll install this unit without hassle, maintain it on an annual basis, and even provide repair and replacement services when you need them further down the line. We’re the HVAC contractor that’s with you every single step of the way.

Call Modern Heating And Air Conditioning for great heating and AC work.

We Offer the Following:

We offer a variety of HVAC services because we’re a comprehensive contractor. You can rely on us for the following:


We’re lucky to live in a place where we can experience the full breadth of the seasons. There’s nothing quite like fresh snow on the ground, but the last thing you’d ever want to experience is cold like this without the right heater. If you need a new heater, repair work for your current unit, or just maintenance, you can rely on us.

Air Conditioning

When the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and humidity levels get higher, is your home’s current air conditioner going to be able to fare the season? If your answer to this is either a firm "no" or a shaky "yes," then it’s time to call our professionals. We have the best repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services for what you need.

Indoor Air quality

If you want great home comfort and a healthy home, then it’s time for you to start seriously thinking about your home’s indoor air quality services. If your home’s IAQ is giving you difficulty then we’ve got air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, HRV systems, and ERV systems to solve these problems for you.

Home Performance

Your home performance is important too! You want to make sure that your home is just as efficient as it is comfortable after all, right? You can do so through our HVAC design and load calculation services, energy audits, and insulations services. We’ll make sure that you’re never spending too much on the work you need.

The Only HVAC Contractor You Need in Des Moines, IA

Now we’re not ones to brag at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning, but we do like to underscore our accolades from time to time because they’re a reflection of the dedication of our team. Our team puts in hard work and it’s evident in all the services we perform. It’s also evident in our distinguished reputation across Des Moines, IA. It doesn’t matter if you cruise our site, hop online for outside reviews, or even ask a friend or neighbor—the consensus will be the same—Modern Heating And Air Conditioning gets the job done and we do it right.

When you come to us you’ll get the following guarantees: a 12-year comfort guarantee, a no surprises guarantee, a first-year service guarantee, and a competency guarantee. We promise our customers so much because we know we can deliver, and we want you to feel reassured. Come to us when you want great work.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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