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Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Services in Des Moines, IA

If you’re looking for an air conditioner system that lasts long into old age, you’re going to need to focus on having it installed correctly. Without having a professional team to perform quality AC installation, you could start suffering from problems like short cycling where your system puts strain on internal components and begins to break down. Don’t be irresponsible, work with a team with experience and qualifications, like Modern Heating And Air Conditioning!

With us, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll get a good deal. We’ve got a great reputation in our community, along with a team that’s concerned with long term problem solving and “out of the box approaches.” We’re a group of qualified craftsmen who just care about your home and want to fit you and your children with a great AC system that keeps you happy.

Get your air conditioner installed or replaced the right way, with us! Call today.

Work with Us to Get a New AC Installation in Des Moines, IA Today

We offer a wide variety of air conditioners available for installation today, all you have to do is ask about which one is right for your home!

  • Central AC Installation. Central air conditioners are the gold standard of air conditioning. By working with us, these systems can be set up to ensure that your home runs cool for years to come.
  • Ductless AC Installation. Is your home too small or too old for air duct installation? No problem! Our ductless air conditioners will be just as effective as a central AC system, with some even running more efficiently.
  • Heat Pump Installation. Heat pumps are a high-tech cooling and heating solution to your comfort needs. Tired of needing a heater and cooler? Get one system that does it all today!

We cover all the bases with these systems, from installation to replacement. Don’t bother looking into amateur service that jeopardizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your AC system. Call our Des Moines, IA team for the best air conditioning installation that money can buy.

We Perform Thorough Air Conditioning Replacement as Well!

Air conditioners don’t last forever, and in fact they need replacement if their issues begin to compound. Let’s say your air conditioner is nearing 15 years old, this is a clear sign that your system is reaching old age and should be replaced accordingly. Central AC replacements or ductless AC replacements are not something to be avoided, because your aging system that constantly requires repairs could be costing you more money in operating costs just to keep alive.

We’ll provide our expert opinions on what system could best replace your old one and get to work. Doesn’t it feel good knowing that you’ve got a team full of NATE and EPA-certified professionals on the job of providing you with a quality heat pump replacement or any other type of replacement?

Enjoy the Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Installation

There are a few dangers that can rear their ugly heads when dealing with amateur air conditioning installation. For instance, an improperly sized AC system that isn’t prepared to cool the right volume of air in your home could start short cycling when you least expect it.

Short cycling is the process by which your AC system can’t effectively cool your home and must run short, frequent cycles in order to make your home as cool as possible. This puts unnecessary stress on certain components of your system and eventually could lead to an early AC replacement if you’re not careful. Give our team a call if you suspect this is happening.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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