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Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Services Des Moines, IA

Air conditioners are absolutely vital in the hot summer months. This is why we offer maintenance and repair services here in Des Moines, IA—because having a new system installed just isn’t good enough. Whether you’re looking to avoid expensive repairs with maintenance or you just need help now, the team here at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning can make sure your central AC repair or ductless AC repair goes smoothly and you’re set for another summer.

Why choose us? Well, it’s simple. We just want to fix things. Our highly qualified technicians often unintentionally make other contractors in the Des Moines area look silly because of how much we care. Our reputation speaks for itself and we’re thoughtful when it comes to finding the right solution for your home. Let us be your reliable HVAC team today!

We can exceed your expectations with AC maintenance today. Give us a call!

AC Repair That Leaves You Better Off

Do you need a refrigerant leak addressed by having central AC repair? Or perhaps you need heat pump repair because your system is stuck in heating mode? Whether it’s your standard AC repair or ductless AC repair, we can be there with our equipment and training to help you find the solution that you need for an affordable price.

The truth is that no air conditioner in Des Moines, IA is going to last its entire lifespan without repair. However, repairs don’t have to be a slog for homeowners that just need some help. We promise to make repairs fast, effective, and affordable for homeowners in our area, so you’re not dreading the day you have to call us. Hopefully, with quality repair services, your AC will be set to last much longer than it otherwise would.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Comfort with Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Homeowners in Des Moines, IA are always asking us what central AC maintenance or ductless AC maintenance entails, so we’ll give you a glimpse. AC maintenance, regardless of what kind of system you have, is when a qualified technician comes to your home to perform a yearly tune-up for your system, ensuring peak efficiency, system readiness, and noting any repairs that will need to be made in the future.

This can be especially helpful for systems that are used twice as much a year, like heat pumps. Heat pump maintenance should be twice a year and can make sure that both your cooling and heating systems are ready to go, refrigerant is charged, electrical systems are nominal. Don’t skip out on AC maintenance, especially if you’ve got a heat pump system!

What AC Maintenance Can Do for You

When you sign up with our team for AC maintenance, there are a huge amount of benefits you can take advantage of.

  • Less frequent repairs. Surprise repairs can be a huge pain, mainly because of how inconvenient they are. Maintenance ensures that your system has less obnoxious repairs throughout its lifespan overall!
  • Higher efficiency, lower bills. Maintenance increases the functional efficiency of your system, leading your cooling bills to lower as well.
  • Planning ahead. Maintenance shows you what repairs will be important ahead of time, allowing homeowners to plan for targeted repairs at the lowest cost possible.

Don’t skimp on such a beneficial appointment, only because you think it might not be worth it. We can absolutely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that our maintenance services are definitely worth your investment. Have questions? Give us a call today!

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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