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Ductless Systems in Des Moines, IA

Not every home can afford or even fit air duct systems. This can be a huge hinderance on families with small homes or older homes that weren’t designed that way. However, your comfort doesn’t have to depend on something like air ducts if you don’t want it to. Thankfully the team at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning provides quality ductless HVAC installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance so that you can have the comfort you desire.

Not only would you get a great AC system when you work with us, but you’d also be hiring a team that’s got a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau. We’re EPA-certified and NATE-certified, as well as thoughtful, creative, and modern in our HVAC solutions. We’ve got access to the top technology available on the market, so you know you’re in good hands with us!

We are more than the perception of caring—and it shows! Contact us today.

Quality Ductless HVAC Installation and Replacement When You Need It

Ductless systems are intricate machines that require extensive installation by a professional. Trying to install a ductless system yourself could result in something like a condensate drain leak or a refrigerant leak, which would almost nullify your purchase and cause you to need a pretty early replacement, which is never fun.

That’s why we provide both ductless HVAC installation and ductless HVAC replacement services. For those who may be reeling from the poor consequences of an amateur installation, we’ve got our expert ductless replacement service on the ready, so you can join with the many homeowners who enjoy the benefits of professional service, no matter where you start in the process.

Our Specific Bonus Services

What exactly do we mean when we say that we service ductless HVAC systems? Well, we provide thorough service for split air conditioners like ductless mini splits, as well as individual ductless heating systems and ductless air conditioning systems. These units are top quality and they come directly from Daikin since we’re a Daikin Comfort Pro in Des Moines, IA.

Not only that, but we work with VRV multi-zone solutions that use variable refrigerant flow control to help you maintain individual zone temperature control in each room of your home. By utilizing a system like the VRV multi-zone, you can have more accurate control over your home’s temperature and often treat the air inside better than you would with air ducts!

Don’t Forget About Our Expert Ductless HVAC Maintenance Program!

If you’re a Des Moines, IA homeowner that’s concerned with saving the most amount of money and having peace of mind, then you’ve got to schedule ductless HVAC maintenance yearly. This service isn’t optional, it’s absolutely vital to keeping your ductless mini split or heat pump from surprising you with repairs and running inefficiently as it gets older.

Yearly maintenance will make it easier for the times when you do need ductless HVAC repairs performed, and we can be the ones to do them! Ductless HVAC repairs shouldn’t always surprise you or be emergencies. With a proper yearly check-up, no fixes that need to be made will be emergencies, since we’ll always see them coming. Try out our maintenance program today!

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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