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HVAC Design and Load Calculation Services in Des Moines, IA

Trying to have your HVAC system set up without correct load calculation is a recipe for disaster. That’s because your HVAC systems need to be accurately designed in order to function properly, otherwise you’ll see the need for a quick replacement or expensive repairs that you’d rather not pay for. Have your system designed and your load calculated by the best team in Des Moines, IA—ours!

We’re Modern Heating And Air Conditioning, a local and family-owned company that wants to be responsible in how we heat and cool our community’s homes. Wasting energy and air just to make a few extra bucks is just not in the cards for us, because we’re heavily concerned with leaving a better world for our children. If you want to work with a team that really cares, then choose the contractor with work that speaks for itself.

We can be your friendly neighborhood expert on HVAC design. Just give us a call today!

Why Is It Important?

Making sure your HVAC system is running at full capacity isn’t a job that can be done by an amateur or ignored at all! When an air conditioning system’s load isn’t calculated correctly, you risk having an AC installed that’s either too small or too large for your home.

Before you ask us, "What’s wrong with a system that’s too big?" The answer is many things. An AC that’s too large will actually have a pretty serious problem called short cycling, which occurs when your system can’t run a complete cycle because it’s cooling your home down too quickly. When this happens, too much stress is put on certain components of your AC and you’ll eventually need to replace it early. Avoid this issue altogether with professional load calculation.

How Is HVAC Design and Load Calculation Done?

A professional team like ours in Des Moines, IA performs this service with high-tech equipment that is uniquely designed to measure the volume of air in your home and your home’s performance as well. This should be done by measuring the temperature, pressure, and volume of the air in your home. Once we achieve these results, we can give you some professional tips as to how your system should be installed and what size of a furnace or AC you should have.

Under no circumstances can an amateur perform this service. Any wrong numbers calculated during an HVAC design and load calculation service can compound into serious miscalculations that will cost you dearly in the end.

Experience Professional HVAC Design and Load Calculation in Des Moines, IA

With a professional team to perform your HVAC design and load calculation service, you don’t just get a quality performance. You also get to benefit from peace of mind, knowing that your HVAC system has been set up accordingly and your home has been measured by those who are well-equipped and trained to do so.

Let the team that’s NATE and EPA-certified, and full of Building Analyst BPI Professionals, service your HVAC load calculation and design. We can’t repeat this enough that this is not a service that should even be approached by an amateur technician. Set your home up for success and let the next few years be easy with a correctly designed HVAC system.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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