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Central Air Conditioners in Des Moines, IA

Central air conditioners are the gold standard of air conditioning in Des Moines, IA. At least half of the homeowners you know in your life probably utilize central air conditioning, and this is for a good reason! These systems use a powerful combination of refrigerant lines connected to evaporator and condenser coils, and blower fans to push cooled, dehumidified air into your home at huge efficiency margins. We’ll also bet that any homeowner you know with a central air conditioner also had it professionally installed!

So, go with Modern Heating And Air Conditioning, the most reliable and reputable HVAC contractor that can get the job done. Seriously, check out our reviews and what our customers regularly have to say. We’re EPA-certified and NATE-certified, because qualifications matter when investing heavily in a temperature control system, and we’ve got exactly the qualifications necessary.

Contact the team that cares, call Modern Heating And Air Conditioning today!

Explore the Different Types of Central Air Conditioners

Air conditioners, like people, come in all shapes and sizes! For instance, we perform service on inverter air conditioners as well as standard central air conditioners. If you’re asking yourself what an inverter AC is, then don’t worry, it’s basically an AC system that can function on multiple different speeds to limit the energy usage and keep your home cool without running frequently.

Inverter air conditioners are a wonderful upgrade to your standard central AC system. Their versatility allows you to save money and stop your system from working much harder than it normally would. If you’re interested in an option like this, or one of the many different Daikin AC models, then you should absolutely give our team a call!

Commit Today to a Professional Central Air Conditioning Installation or Replacement

Professional central air conditioning installation isn’t just a good idea for the convenience aspect, it’s also the surefire way to make clear that you’re ready to save as much money as possible. Amateur central AC installation is an easy recipe for disaster, since these systems need to be appropriately sized and set up for your home. An incorrect central air conditioner installation could lead to a refrigerant leak, short cycling, or something worse!

A problematic AC that’s been improperly installed could lead directly into an early air conditioning replacement. Thankfully, we also perform central AC replacement services for the homeowners out there that are sick and tired of dealing with their faulty systems in Des Moines, IA. Is your AC at the end of the line? Don’t hesitate to give our team a call today.

Work with the Best for Central AC Repairs and Maintenance

An AC system isn’t going to last for more than a few years without some sort of major repair that’s necessary. This isn’t a threat; this is a warning to homeowners out there that think they might be able to buy a system that doesn’t need repairs ever. That’s akin to buying a car and thinking you’ll never need to change the oil!

That’s why we offer comprehensive central AC repair services as well as yearly central AC maintenance to keep your system running past where it normally might meet its end. Central air conditioners contain a lot of parts, lines of refrigerant that can be dangerous when leaking, and large condenser coils that need to be cleaned by a professional. When you sign up for our central AC maintenance, you get quality care that lasts a long time.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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