Indoor Air Quality

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Air on the Clean Side

In the past year or so we’ve all become accustomed to spending more time inside. But did you know your indoor air is 70% more polluted than the outside air? And those exposed to indoor air pollutants for the longest periods of time are often those most susceptible to their effects. At Modern Heating and Air, you can breathe easier. Whether it’s duct cleaning, air filters, air purifiers, or humidification systems, our in-home air specialists will help determine what’s right for your home’s IAQ.

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Indoor Air Quality Services

Duct Services

Keep your air ducts functional and clean with proper duct services.

Air Purifiers and Filtration Systems

Remove contaminants from the air either by filtering them out or eradicating harmful microbes.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers help keep your home comfortable during the summer and humidifiers make it easier to resist illness and stay warm in the winter.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

Imitate the fresh air feeling of opening a window, without the heat and energy loss that normally comes with it.