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Heating Services in Des Moines, IA

If you’re looking for a heating system in Des Moines, IA then you’re probably also looking for the right team that will service the system you choose. Thankfully, we’re that team! Modern Heating And Air Conditioning has been around the block when it comes to heaters like furnaces and boilers, providing exceptional services from installation to repair and replacement. We can take care of your heater needs with our local, friendly team.

That’s because our team is full of NATE and EPA-certified specialists who are highly trained to take care of the most complex heaters on the market today. We’re not robots, we’re thoughtful, creative, and modern human beings who can help you think outside the box for the most affordable and effective heating solution that works for your home.

We offer reliable services that you should take advantage of today. Contact us!

Expert Installation and Replacement Services from the Best

Heating installation isn’t just ordering a new piece of equipment and plugging it into an outlet. Your new heater needs to be sized correctly for the air volume in your home, to ensure that it can provide the output you require during those cold winter months. The process of sizing your heater takes specific equipment that we have available to us!

That’s why you need experts who know exactly what they’re doing to service your heating system. Whether it’s a furnace installation or an old boiler replacement, we’ve got the training, equipment, and qualifications required to make sure you don’t deal with the haphazard results of amateur work. We’re the heating contractor that’s looking out for you and your children, to make sure you’ve got the quality heating that you deserve. Contact us today.

Avoid Sensitive Heater Problems with Proper Care

Did we mention that we offer heater maintenance? That’s because heaters require yearly attention to make sure everything is working to your benefit. Foregoing maintenance in Des Moines, IA means you’ll be up at night wondering whether or not your heater is prepared for another winter season.

Is your heater having trouble keeping your entire home warm? Or is it blowing lukewarm air everywhere and just not working to your standards? Either way, our maintenance program can help address the root of the problem. We’re the heating contractor that can provide the attention necessary to keep your system running smoothly. Give us a call!

Experienced Heater Repair at Your Convenience

We like to say that we’re available at your convenience—not ours, because we often go above and beyond our normal schedule to provide thorough heater repair when you need it. Our winters get cold, and it’s absolutely necessary that you’ve got a functioning heating system in our neck of the woods. That’s why we’re the premier heating contractor in Des Moines, IA because we work hard to provide calculative heating repair to our community that we truly care about.

Are you having trouble with your radiant heating system? How about a furnace that could be a safety concern? Don’t call a family member or amateur handyman to twist some screws and leave. Get the pros out there from our team to thoroughly inspect your system to make sure that it functions effectively. Don’t gamble with such an important aspect of your life.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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