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Boiler Services in Des Moines, IA

Boilers are some of the oldest and most reliable heater systems in existence. Sometimes we see boilers that are almost three decades old, still churning along providing quality heat to many homes in our area. While that’s definitely too old for a boiler, if you’re looking for a reliable heating system that can stand the test of time—perhaps it’s time for you to invest in one of these heaters!

Before you take the plunge into boiler systems, make sure you sign up with the right team. Modern Heating And Air Conditioning is “the guy” that can get it done right the first time. Everyone should have access to that team of reliable, local experts that knows exactly how to have your boiler installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, and we are exactly who you’re looking for. Let our craftsmanship speak for itself, call us today!

Work with the team that loves to give back to the community. Give us a call today!

How Does a Boiler System Work?

As the name implies, boilers use boiled water and steam that is funneled through pipes in your home and eventually in radiators. These radiators emit radiant heat, which is heat that emanates through objects, giving you the feeling of enjoying the sun’s rays. This radiant heat energy is often preferred by many homeowners simply because they feel its more comfortable than hot air.

Boiler systems need to be set at the correct pressure and temperature in order to function right. But when they function right, boy do they do their job well! A boiler runs completely silently, even more so than a furnace or heat pump, since it doesn’t rely on air ducts or blowing air. Enjoy peace and quiet, as well as comfortable heat, with a tried and true boiler system in Des Moines, IA.

Don’t Neglect Boiler Maintenance and Repairs!

The biggest problem we need to address with boilers is that they can be pretty catastrophic when they show signs of repair. Since they utilize hot water, a single pinhole leak in your boiler pipes could lead to your home sustaining water damage or dealing with mold and mildew sprouting up. Make sure that every sign of repair is addressed by our professional team, so you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Maintenance is also a handy way to ensure that your boiler lives well into old age. Maintenance allows a trained professional to inspect your system, making sure it’s running at the right temperature and pressure for your home needs. Not only that, but technicians can flush your system, getting rid of sediment that is causing problems, without you ever noticing there was a problem to begin with.

Boiler Services by a Team You Can Trust in Des Moines, IA

Boilers are a tried and tested heating solution that can get the job done, but only if you’ve got the right team to support it. Boiler installation needs to be done by a team that can accurately measure how much piping you’ll need, what model fits your home, and how much water should fill the closed system.

If you can get a team like ours to work on your boiler, you can finally enjoy the benefits of professional boiler service. These benefits include things like improved indoor air quality, since you won’t have to rely on air ducts and no dust or debris will be cycled through your indoor air! Don’t compromise on your comfort, work with the best team available. Call us today!

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