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Gas Line Services in Des Moines, IA

Gas line installation is a job that must be done by professional technicians who are well-trained in gas handling—this is non-negotiable. By having an amateur try to perform gas line repair or installation, you’re playing with fire (quite literally) and you could even be breaking the law. Don’t skirt around the law just to save a few bucks, get in contact with the team that is uniquely qualified to perform this work.

With Modern Heating And Air Conditioning, we’re NATE and EPA certified as well as NCI certified for carbon monoxide. We’ve got a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau and we’re even Building Analyst Professionals (BPI) so you know that we can get the job done safely and accurately. Improperly performed gas line work can be dangerous, illegal, and downright not worth the money you spend. So, contact our team today!

It’s time to work with some true craftsman at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning.

Avoid Improper Gas Line Installation

Natural gas line installation isn’t an incredibly complex or time-consuming process for professionals, but that doesn’t mean it can be done by just anyone. In fact, a botched or poorly done gas line installation can be downright dangerous as gas can leak and cause a fire hazard or an explosion. For such a simple process, the local municipality here in Des Moines, IA has some pretty strict regulations on how gas lines should be installed.

Simply put, the risks of trying a gas line installation or gas line repair done by yourself or an amateur are just not worth the money you’d be saving. You can’t put a price on safety or not breaking the law, so we guarantee that you’ll be in much better hands with our qualified team.

Our Secret to Gas Line Excellence

We use a process known as bonding, where we ensure that two metallic joints form a conducting path that ensure safe electrical continuity. This is important, since electrical shocks can be extremely dangerous when mixed with natural gas. By bonding your gas lines, we keep them safe and up to code so that nothing is against the law.

We perform quality gas line bonding with corrugated stainless-steel tubing, which is the gold standard of gas line installation. Corrugated stainless-steel tubing is an affordable and safe alternative to black iron gas pipes that are otherwise used in older houses. CSST gas lines require few joints, are safer during earthquakes and electric storms, and are fairly easy to install!

Expert Gas Line Repair Done by a Team You Can Trust

The bottom line is that you need qualified professionals to perform gas line repair services—period. Having any amateur hands on your gas lines performing work is a recipe for disaster, both in terms of safety and the law.

Give our Des Moines, IA team a call for our expert services and work that exceeds your expectations. You want your gas lines to be installed and repaired safely, easily, and securely so that they work for years to come. And, if there are ever any problems with them, you can always let our team know and get safe repairs performed at your convenience.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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