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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Des Moines, IA

Heat and energy recovery ventilators, or HRV and ERV systems, are a useful tool in having precise comfort over the quality of your indoor air. During both the winter and summer months, our tightly sealed homes often get stuffy because we’re breathing in the same contaminants and air that have been constantly cycled through the system.

When you sign up for ERV or HRV work with Modern Heating And Air Conditioning, you’re aiming to have the freshest air possible in your home. Our team is a local, family-owned group of highly trained technicians that have an impeccable reputation in our Des Moines, IA community. All of us here care about your home and your comfort levels, so keep in mind that you get a thoughtful, creative, and out of the box solution when you give our team a call for your fresh air needs.

We’re more than the perception of caring and our work speaks for itself. Give us a call!

How Does Heat and Energy Recovery Work?

During the summer when your air conditioning is working hard to keep your home cool, your home can still get stuffy and the air will be stale to breathe. With an ERV system, you can retain the energy that was spent cooling and dehumidifying your home’s air, while exchanging it with fresh, outside air! This transfer is known as counter-flow heat exchange.

What about during the winter? We all know what that feels like when your home air feels stuffy but opening a window threatens to drop the temperature 10 or 20° and force your heater to work too hard. With HRV technology, it simulates the same effect as opening a window while retaining 70-80% of the heat your heater creates. Achieve fresh air only at the cost of running your ERV or HRV!

We Perform Quality HRV and ERV Installation and Replacement

HRV and ERV systems contain complex machinery that doesn’t last forever. Especially if a system is neglected, you might encounter the need to have your heat recovery or energy recovery system replaced in Des Moines, IA. That’s why it’s imperative that you sign up with a team of qualified professionals to handle your HRV or ERV replacement as well as installation.

These systems need to be sized appropriately for the amount of air they’ll be cycling through in your home. For instance, with a tiny system existing in your larger home, you’ll barely feel the difference in air quality, which isn’t worth the price of investment if it’s set up incorrectly. Work with NATE-certified professionals on our team to make sure your air quality is improved at the most affordable cost to you.

Don’t Forget HRV and ERV Repair and Maintenance

While these systems might not last forever, you still want them to last as long as possible! This is only doable with a team that’s devoted to providing quality repairs and yearly maintenance. Why not have our team perform maintenance when we normally would be looking at your other HVAC systems as well? This comprehensive care can be done right under your nose without making an impact on your life.

When problems arise and you feel your air starting to get stuffy again, we’re available at your convenience—not ours. Give our team a call for expert HRV system or ERV system repair in Des Moines, IA at the moment you need it.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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