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Light Commercial Services in Des Moines, IA

As soon as we grew to the size we are, we knew we had to help businesses in the Des Moines, IA area by providing light commercial services that can make our community happy. From commercial gas line installation to commercial HVAC system work, businesses need a reliable team that’s got your best interests in mind.

That’s why Modern Heating And Air Conditioning is the team to choose. We’ve got years of experience in the business of light commercial services. Each and every technician on our team is thoughtful, creative, and modern to a fault. When looking for reliable commercial services, it’s practically a dealbreaker when looking for reliability. Our team is full of craftsmen that are available at your convenience—not ours. Give our team a call today, you won’t regret it.

Have your commercial services completed by the best team in the greater Des Moines area.

What We Offer

Need help with commercial services? Before you sign up with anyone, make sure the particular need you have is offered by our team!

  • Commercial Gas Lines. Whether you need gas line installations for your prospective restaurant business, or gas line repairs for your commercial heater, we’ve got you covered.
  • Commercial Air Conditioning. Commercial AC units are large and complex. Don’t let an amateur anywhere near a system like this. Call the pros today.
  • Commercial Geothermal. Help us leave our children a better planet by investing in a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system for your building.
  • Commercial Heating. Heat is absolutely vital for your business in Des Moines, IA. Don’t let your customers and employees down with subpar commercial heating services.
  • Commercial Indoor Air Quality. In order for your business to be up to code, you’ll need to reach certain IAQ standards. We’ve got the law in mind when we work on systems like yours. Leave it to us!

As you can see, there really isn’t much in terms of commercial service that we don’t do! Sign up with our team today if you think we can help you achieve awesome results in the field of HVAC.

Here’s What to Expect with Commercial HVAC Installation and Replacement

Whether you’re dealing with commercial heating and cooling or an indoor air quality system, having a professional team there that’s NATE and EPA certified makes a surprising amount of difference. To be honest, there really isn’t anything we haven’t seen in regard to commercial HVAC installation or replacement, so our service can be quick and thorough, as well hassle free.

When professionals are on the case, we make sure to calculate your air treatment load effectively, rendering an incorrectly sized HVAC system impossible. If you require commercial HVAC replacement because of a faulty installation, we can right that wrong. We use high-tech equipment to measure the pressure of your building to ensure that when we set up your new commercial HVAC replacement or installation, you’ll be covered for the foreseeable future.

Take Advantage of Our Reliable Commercial HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Dealing with commercial HVAC contractors for commercial HVAC repair can be a huge hassle when an emergency arrives. If your building doesn’t have quality heating or cooling in the moment, you could lose a hefty sum in sales or other business. That’s why we’re the team to call when providing service on your commercial HVAC rooftop unit and more.

Don’t forget that we offer commercial HVAC maintenance as well for those business owners that are sick and tired of not knowing the status of their comfort systems. By signing up for our commercial HVAC maintenance plan, we can send a technician to inspect your system and give you accurate feedback as to the condition and any future repairs it might need. Call us today!

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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