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Heat Pump Water Heater Services in Des Moines, IA

If you want to talk about highly efficient water heaters for residential use, it’s time we mentioned heat pump water heaters in Des Moines, IA. Heat pump water heaters use the same technology that your refrigerator uses, just in reverse! By moving heat out of the atmosphere and transferring it to a water tank, you’ve got an energy-efficient and cheap way to heat water.

For such a high-tech piece of equipment, you need the best team in the area to service it. Choose Modern Heating And Air Conditioning, we’re thoughtful, creative, and most importantly modern! We offer reliable services and a whole heap of warranties and guarantees which make it easy to choose us. Our most important quality is that we care about our community and are mainly concerned with providing our friends and neighbors here with out of the box hot water solutions.

Sign up with the local, family-owned team that cares about your Des Moines water heating needs. Call us today!

Our Team Performs Hybrid Water Heater Installations and Replacements

One wrong move with a heat pump water heater installation and we promise you won’t be happy. That’s because hybrid water heaters rely on lines of refrigerant to transfer the heat from the atmosphere to your water tank. With just a small miscalculation, these refrigerant lines could leak or be installed too long and end up costing you an arm and a leg for repairs and eventually replacements.

Speaking of replacement, if you’re tired of subpar installation costing you for a system that should be running cost-effectively, then give our team a call for an all-encompassing replacement. Replacement services are a last resort, for an either aging heat pump system that’s just not doing its job anymore, to a poorly installed system that really needs an entire overhaul. Regardless, we can do the job.

How a Heat Pump Water Heater Works

Heat pump water heaters, much like their heating and cooling sibling systems, rely on heat in the atmosphere of your home and outside your home in order to easily keep hot water available. The way this works is by the system cycling pressurized refrigerant that will evaporate and draw in heat from the outside as it is brought into contact with your water tank and condenses, depositing that heat right into your water!

In order to cycle refrigerant in and out of your water heater, as well as keeping the condensation and evaporation process running, your heat pump water heater will run on electricity. This means you should keep in mind your electricity costs as you make the investment in a water heater that runs on electricity like this. Overall, you should see a huge decrease in energy costs as heat pump water heaters run incredibly efficiently.

Don’t Miss Out on Expert Heat Pump Water Heater Repairs and Maintenance

When your heat pump water heater is on the fritz, don’t try to repair it yourself—or worse, call an amateur or family member to dig into the issue. These systems are complex and perform a function that requires the inspection of a trained HVAC professional. So, leave your system’s repairs up to the professional team at Modern Heating And Air Conditioning.

Homeowners in Des Moines, IA shouldn’t have to go a minute without hot water. In our day and age, hot water is vital to our everyday activities, and withholding it from yourself and your family because of a faulty system is unacceptable. We can help you keep your system in good condition and warn you of any upcoming repairs as well with our satisfactory hot water heater maintenance program! Give us a call today.

We Serve the Greater Des Moines Area

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